Monday, April 30, 2012

1 Step Closer to a Match

Tuesday the IPs got our profile and we found out that one of them was out of town, so they were going to need through the weekend to sit down and discuss it. So, we spent the week anxiously waiting for Monday. This morning, our Client Services Coordinator, Lacey (who will be our go to GG person for the rest of this journey) called. When the phone rang, I totally got butterflies because, even though I think I am a pretty good catch (in surrogate terms), I was still nervous that maybe they wouldn't like us.
The good news is, they LIKED us! They want to meet us! Then she proceeded to tell me that we would have to do the match meeting via video conference call because the guys are in London. Then, she told me they just moved there and will be there for a few years. Bummer, but no biggee:o) One of the things I liked was that it seemed like they wanted to be pretty involved. Does this change that? Will they still be here for the transfer? 20 week ultrasound? any other times? Why did they move? What do they do for a living? The questions were flying through my mind. I asked Lacey a couple of them and can ask the guys when we have our meeting. It was just a shift in our thinking. We had SoCal and all of the things that would mean in our head. A few things will be different, but hopefully most of the journey will be unchanged. Lacey told me that the guys are required to meet us in person before the transfer, which is good. It could be a month from now, it could be in conjunction with the transfer, but we will meet them in person:o) Hopefully, we will be able to schedule the "Match Meeting" for sometime next week. I am sure this is just the first of at least a few things that won't go exactly as planned. Good thing I am flexible. We have always wanted to go to London, maybe this will be a good excuse:o)

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  1. yay!!! How exciting! I'm here for you if you need anything! let me know.