Tuesday, April 10, 2012

LA Screening Trip

Let me apologize in advance for the poor pictures. We took our point and shoot camera with every intention of taking pictures, but I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off most of the day, so we only got a few pics, taken by DH with his cell phone.

We started our day at 5 am. Early for me, but sleeping in for DH! When we got to LAX, we found our ride waiting for us. DH was pretty excited to be one of those people who has a person waiting for them with a sign. The driver was very nice and the ride was cushie.

Our first stop was HRCFertility. DH was pretty impressed with this waiting room. It was pretty swanky!
HRC waiting room- this pic doesn't do it justice.

 We had held it when we got off the plane, so we would be able to provide a urine sample, so we got to do that first. Then, I filled out some paperwork and we both had our blood drawn. Next, we met Carrie, the GG liaison, who introduced us to the nurse, who went over the consent form and explained the process and the upcoming exam. Finally, we met Dr. Kolb, who asked me some questions about my health history and other stuff pertaining to my ability to be a surrogate. Then, he explained the uterine exam and the IVF profess. All this talk about the sonohysterogram (SHG) had made me a little nervous because they said there might be cramping, but there was nothing:o) Basically, Dr. K stuck a catheter with a little balloon on it through my cervix, then in went the "weenie wand" (as the internal ultrasound wand is called by many surros- I think the name creates the proper picture, especially given its condom attire). 
Waiting for Dr. K to come back and do the SHG- you can kinda see the weenie wand;o)

He inflated the balloon with some saline and examined all of my reproductive organs. He said it all looked good and I am really fertile because I have lots of good looking follicles. For this reason, he told me not to go get pregnant on him. It was pretty funny, especially since he doesn't know how over-resposible I am, and even more so with that:o) Lastly, the nurse answered any more questions and gave me a prescription for the pill, which I was planning on starting again next cycle anyways, but they will use it to synch my cycle with the egg donor's. The results from the urine analysis and blood work will take about 2 weeks to come back. 

We took a cab to the GG office. Let me just say that I am not a fan of cabs and this trip followed suit. Both of the cab drivers we had were not very friendly and a little crazy with the driving:o( We had about 45 minutes before our appointment, so we picked a restaurant nearby the GG building and got some lunch, which we gobbled up quickly.
We went up to the 13th floor and found the GG office. We sat down with Dr. Bergman for a few minutes, then she introduced us to Erica (Big E) and she gave us a profile of IPs whom they think would be a good match for us! OMG! I figured we would get one soon, but I wasn't expecting it to be that quickly! David took the profile and went for a walk while I did the oh so fun computer test. This test was looonnnnggggg:o( 567 true/false questions! This test is basically a personality test and it also looks for possible flags for depression, bi-polar, conspiracy theories, a distrust for the human race, self confidence, friendships and some other things. It took me a little over an hour. Some of the questions were worded weirdly, so I had to read them a couple of times to makes sure I clicked the right thing. It is also looking for inconsistencies so lots of questions were asked several times in different ways. I am glad it is over, but it wasn't too bad. 
We took another cab back to the airport where I finally had a chance to read the IP profile (which I will talk a little more about later). We called to check on the bambino, did some reading and got dinner. It was a busy day, but I am super excited about the journey ahead! This is the beginning of the first 2 week wait (2ww) and hoping for a couple more of them in the near future:o) 

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