Sunday, April 22, 2012

Med Clearance

We had hoped to hear something about our medical clearance Thursday or Friday, but no such luck:o( I then checked a fellow surros blog and hers took almost 3 weeks, so I had resigned myself to having to wait another whole week, when, this afternoon (yes it is Sunday!), I got an e-mail from the nurse from the fertility clinic saying that Dr. Kolb cleared us and the letter has been sent to GG! YIPPEE! Though I figured we would pass, I think this was the most nerve-wrecking part because we are so close to being able to help a couple build their family. Next, GG will send our profile to the IPs and then, we wait to hear if they want to meet us. Hopefully that won't take too long, but you never know. Fingers crossed that they like us:o)

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