Tuesday, April 10, 2012

IP Profile

Until we are officially matched and I have discussed this blog with our IPs, I can't say a ton. I will say that they are a same-sex couple and they live in So Cal. We really liked their answers to the questions. The first time I read the profile, I liked them, but I wasn't super excited like I expected I would be. I think that I was afraid to like them because I don't want to get attached and then have them not like us back. I have read it two times since and I like them more and more each time:o) I reeeaaaaly hope they like us too! GG won't send them our profile until they get the official medical clearance, so even though we like them, we will have to wait at least two weeks to find out if they like us. Hopefully, if they want to meet us, scheduling the match meeting won't be too hard, since they live relatively close to the GG office.

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  1. How exciting!! You are moving fast! I am so excited for you!