Friday, May 11, 2012

Match Meeting

So, we had our match meeting this morning via video conference call. It went really well! I felt like we were just starting to get comfortable and the meeting was over:o( Hopefully it was just the first of MANY conversations/meetings. We got a little more information about their families and future plans. They really seem like they want to be involved in the pregnancy, which is the important part to me:o) We also talked quite a bit about communication which is the foundation of this process and its success. Hopefully, we will have a significant amount of time to hang out with them when we all go to LA for the transfer in a couple of months (assuming they liked us and want to move forward)! So, here we are again- did they like us? Hopefully they decide quickly and maybe we will hear something today, otherwise it will probably be Monday. Boo! Fingers crossed:o) If they want to move forward, the next step will be legal, (another hurry up and wait process) but one step closer to making a baby(ies) for this wonderful couple:o) We also took Haley next door to daycare for the first time, while we had our meeting. We have only left her with my parents so far. She did great (as we knew she would):o) She is such an easy-going little girl and I love that:o) I think DH was a little nervous about leaving her with a "stranger". It was pretty cute;o)

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