Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Phone Consultation

Yesterday, I had my phone consultation with GG. They asked me some questions about my health and pregnancy and gave me some info about GG and the process moving forward. I filled out the rest of the application and they unlocked all of the paperwork. There are a lot of things I need to fill out and gather. I can't turn any of it in until Haley is weaned, but I can read through it and ask any questions that we have. I also need to request my medical records which could be a feat in and of itself. I also looked at the profile I will have to put together and I am already feeling overwhelmed about what to put in my letter to IPs. I am hoping I can get some examples or further guidance from GG. I am hoping that we will be able to go to LA for our screenings in April. Until then I have a lot of homework:o)


  1. I would be happy to send you my "intro" letter too if you're interested, I could pull it up (! Our you can always post on SMO and ask for suggestions - I bet you'd get a TON! :D Good luck to you!! :)

    1. Thanks, that would be awesome! I just signed up for SMO, but haven't had much time to poke around it yet:o) I am amazed at how much information and support is out there:o) This is an amazing time we live in!