Friday, January 13, 2012

A Response

So, someone called me from GG Wednesday, but it was a restricted number and they left no message, so I didn't know what to do (or if it was them). Thursday afternoon, since I still hadn't heard anything, I emailed them and got a response within the hour! She said that she had tried to call me and had a question about me still breast feeding. She said that they like their surrogates to not be breastfeeding. I told them that made sense, but I was hoping that we could start the process of filling out paperwork and getting medical records, so when I do stop breast feeding, in a couple of months, we can hit the ground running. I also clarified about my insurance, since there was a question about whether my insurance excluded surrogacy and I put yes because I didn't know and I had to put yes or no. She replied back early Friday morning that we could proceed to the phone interview! and that my insurance is favorable for surrogacy- double yay:o) So, as of now, I have my phone interview scheduled for Tuesday at 11 am. Hopefully, Haley will cooperate and be napping at that time:o) I am a little nervous, but mostly excited to see how this all goes.

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