Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Beginning

It all started several months ago on a weekly walk with my friend, Anne, I mentioned that I was thinking about becoming a GS. We talked about it at length and she and I were very excited about it. I then discussed it with my husband, David, and he was on-board.
Then I started the research. It was VERY, VERY, VERY overwhelming. I figured out that I needed to find an agency, but how do I know which one to choose, there are sooooo many?! Anne found a vlog by an IM and a blog by a GS which were very helpful. I looked at several agencies online, but wasn't thrilled by any of them. The blogger finally mentioned the agency that she is using (Growing Generations- GG) and I looked into it and really liked it. From their website, I found another blog and from that blog lots of other blogs, many of which used GG. Tuesday, I filled out the initial application, and I am waiting for the response which is supposed to be in 1 business day. If I don't hear something today, I will email the lady, this afternoon. All of the blogs have made me very excited, though I am in no hurry since I am still breast feeding, David is taking a super-important test in October and we have a celebration vacation scheduled for October. I am hoping to get rolling in March or April and pregnant no sooner than this summer. We will see!

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