Thursday, February 2, 2012

Next Steps. . .

About a week ago, David (DH) and I had a conference call with the Surrogate Coordinator at GG to discuss our questions about all of the paperwork. She said that David's questions were the most detailed questions she has ever seen. He is an engineer with a business degree, what was she expecting:o) We got all of our questions answered satisfactorily. She said that she is worried how we will handle unexpected things as they arise since we have so many questions now. What she doesn't know about us is that we research things pretty thoroughly before we make decisions. Once we decide, we jump in and don't look back.
David is concerned that a lot of the GG paperwork puts the responsibility on the surrogate for a lot of things, but what it doesn't say is that through the contract, that responsibility gets legally passed to the IPs. GG doesn't deal with the contract, so basically, they want the surrogate to know that there are a lot of things that she (I) need to make sure are taken care of and included in the contract and to realease themselves from liability. I figured all of this, but David needed to hear it from them.
Yesterday, we went to Kaiser to request my medical records for my pregnancy, labor and delivery. It was actually easier than I expected. They will be ready for me to pick up tomorrow. Gotta love digital medical records! We also talked to a member services person to check on how Kaiser would handle this whole surrogacy thing. One of the reasons, I choose GG is because they seem to do things right by the book, as far as the medical insurance is concerned, but I want to make sure that Kaiser told me the same thing GG did. The lady we talked to had never dealt with this in her almost 30 years with Kaiser, but she was able to find the answers for us after a couple of phone calls. What she said agreed with what GG told us, so that was great!
Last night, I was able to talk to my next door neighbor who has an in-home daycare. She doesn't really have any room for a full-time baby, but said some drop-in stuff was no problem. She also said that she thinks a spot will open by summer, so if, by some chance, I end up on bed rest, that would be an option. I am really excited because it is so close and we kinda know them, since we have been neighbors for several years. If I were on bed rest, I could still check-in on her occassionally:o)
Now, I can keep working on my surrogate profile. That letter is started, but I am still feeling a little stumped. I am glad I have some time to work on it and it will come together. Now we wait until I am ready to wean the little monkey (probably another month), then we go to LA for the screenings (I am thinking this might be end of March/beg. of April) since it has to be timed with my cycle)!


  1. Hey! I sent you an email the other day but I'm not sure if you ever got it. Let me know :)