Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Back Story

Back to where I left you hanging. Sorry about that!
After Tuesday's appointment and some discussion, R & T changed their flight to Saturday, since it looked like making it to the 15th (their original arrival date) was decreasingly likely. 

Thursday (the 9th) morning, I went to have my blood pressure checked again. Honestly, it was pretty much the same as my appointment Tuesday, except I didn't get weighed. The nurse took my BP twice, did the urine dip and asked me a thousand questions checking for symptoms of a bigger problem, but came up with nothing. The nurse then reported to the doctor, who came in, listened to GB's heartbeat and checked my cervix. The two BP readings were 128/90 and 127/87; still on the high side, but a little better than Tuesday's. My cervix was 1.5 cm dilated and 0% effaced. Dr. K wanted to keep an eye on my BP and I was instructed to come back Monday morning for another check.

After Thursday's results, we were even more convinced that the change of R & T's flight was a good idea.

R & T arrived Saturday night and we had some time to hang out Saturday night and they came over for Mother's Day dinner Sunday and met my parents. It was really great to get to spend some casual time with them before GB made his grand entrance:o)

Monday morning (the 13th), R and T accompanied me to my BP check appointment. The two readings were 142/98 and 137/95. Dr. K came in and we  listened to GB's heartbeat and my cervix was a tight 2, but 50% effaced (making progress!). She stripped my membranes, hoping to encourage my body to go into labor. At this point, Dr. K wanted GB out. We had made it past the 39 week mark and my BP seemed to be continuing to creep up. She called the hospital to check that they had room for us and they did, so she told us to mosey in that direction. Dr. K did a great job of answering the guys' questions and making us all feel comfortable that this was the right decision.

The 3 of us must have been a sight, as we were each on the phone the second we left the building. R and T alerting their families and me calling my mom to come watch DD and DH to let him know what was going on. Then, back to my house we headed. The guys had to go back and pack up their hotel room, as they would be moving into an apartment Tuesday, while we prepped to be away from home for a couple of days. DH and I grabbed some lunch and we got to the hospital around 12:30 pm and the guys got there about 1 pm. And here I will leave you hanging. . .;o)

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