Monday, May 6, 2013

38 weeks

I have had lots of family and friends checking up on me:o) It is actually quite funny. I tell them all the same thing. I am still pregnant and I feel fine. There is nothing else to say. And I promise, I won't leave you hanging. DH and I both have the Blogger app on our phones and we plan to post updates about labor and delivery to this blog in live time. We did it with DD and it was a huge success! Could be any day now, could be two weeks from now; your guess is as good as mine:o)

How am I feeling physically? I am feeling pretty good, finally:o) I have had some very minor swelling in my hands and ankles (no more wedding ring for me). My hip is a bit sore, as the relaxin hormone does its job preparing my joints to relax for birth. I have had some round ligament pain and moments where it feels like GB is playing drums on my cervix. I have been having some cramps. It kinda feels like menstrual cramps. I guess they are contractions (some might call them Braxton-Hicks). They are very minor and very infrequent. A little annoying, at times, but no biggie. My boss said that he looks like he "dropped" between Tue and Thu last week. That would be good because it means his head might get "stuck" where it belongs:o)

Doctor's Appointment: My next appointment is tomorrow. I will let you know what Dr. K says.

Weight Gain:  10 pounds total!

Sleep: DH hasn't been sleeping well and it was been warm, so I have been sleeping OK, but definitely getting up more frequently.

Mood: I am feeling excited about what is in front of us. R and T seem to be getting excited and making preparations for this little one. The end is in sight!

Movement: I feel kicks and punches all over. Most of them are higher/in the middle-feet, knees, bottom. Occasionally, I feel punches to my cervix, which is a weird feeling. GB seems to have 3 main active periods, one an hour or so after each meal. He must be feeling a little squished in there because the movements are definitely less fast and less frequent.

Exciting Moment(s): PBO was signed by the judge last week. We got our digital copies on Thursday and I got my certified copy from FedEx today!!! R&T should get their certified copy tomorrow and we will be golden. Let me just say, big sigh of relief! This was pushed too close for my comfort, but it worked out:o) We are ready.

Milestones Achieved:GB has really plumped up. He weighs about 6.8 pounds and is over 19 1/2 inches long. He has a firm grasp and his organs have matured and are ready for life outside the womb.  (Source:

Next Milestones/What I am looking forward to: Stuff is ready for the hospital, but not quite in a bag, yet. My parents are lined up to watch DD at the drop of a hat and we have 50 (maybe only 4;-)) different phone numbers to get a hold of T or R. Looking forward to tomorrow's appointment and then the big day is eminent. I can't wait to find out what GB's top secret name is and see him put in the arms of his loving daddies:o)

38 weeks

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