Tuesday, May 7, 2013

38 week appt update

Not quite what I hoped for, but truckin' along.

Weight: almost 11 pounds gained
Urine dip: trace protein
BP: 142/92 and 128/88-90 (more info about this below)
Uterus: 38 weeks
GB's HR: 140ish
Cervix: 1 cm dilated, 0% effaced
GB is still head down, feet to my left.

Looking at the stats, my BP has been creeping up for the past couple of months, so I wasn't too surprised when it hopped over the "high" mark today. Although, the Dr. says this is a normal progression for pregnancy, minus today's result. They want it to be 139/89 or lower, so I was just barely over that threshold. The OB was very happy that the top number came down when she did it, but she still wasn't happy with the bottom number. I only had trace protein in my urine which I have had several times during this pregnancy and is no biggie. The concern about the BP is that I may have or may be on my way to having pre-eclampsia, which the only cure for is delivery, which, at this point, is a totally viable option, since GB is just fattening up now. So, Dr. K sent me to the lab. They are checking my liver function, kidney function and platelet counts. If the labs indicate I have pre-eclampsia, I will be sent to L&D tonight to have a baby. If the labs are normal, I will go back to the OB Thu to have my BP checked again.

I feel fine and have none of the other symptoms of pre-e, but I have a feeling this little guy is coming out or being evicted within the week. 

Lab results just came in and everything is within the normal range, except my white blood cell count is a smidge high. I will update after I hear from the Dr. hopefully, soon.

Update: Just got the email from the doctor. Labs are normal, BP check on Thursday:o)

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