Monday, April 29, 2013

37 weeks

DH calls this, in the "drop zone." Basically, baby could come any time! 37 weeks is considered near-term. No longer pre-term, but not quite full-term. I still feel pretty good. I have had some slight swelling in my right ankle and my hands are a smidge swollen; no more rings for my fingers. It has been pretty warm here, so I am sure that is a contributing factor. And DH seems to think my belly has gotten huge. I tend to want to be offended, but as long as it is just the belly, I AM growing a tiny person, here, sheesh!
Hospital bag contents are in one location, though not in a bag quite yet. And I made a list of items that need to be added at the last minute. DD's bag is packed and plans for her care are lined up. We got out, organized and cleaned some infant stuff that T & R can borrow while they are here.
My next Dr. appt is May 7th, which will be 38w3d. That is the night I went into labor with DD. My Dr. has hospital duty on the 11th and 16th. With DD, it was Feb 11th that Dr. K had hospital duty and I went in and spent the day in labor, though she was born in the wee hours of the 12th. The guys are scheduled to fly in on the 15th, so I hope we make it til then, but my money would be on the 7th or 11th, if I was a betting woman;) It will be interesting to see what GB has planned:)
Instead of a regular bump pic, I have a rather funny bum shot I took on Saturday:o) No, not my bum, GB's bum;o) It is his favorite position!
See it?!:o)
You can kinda see the difference in my ankles

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