Thursday, October 4, 2012

Daily Meds

No, you didn't miss this week's u/s. They schduled it for 2 weeks out (which will be the 10th). I am guessing because it is a singleton. It seems that surros with twins do 1 wk then 2. I also have my first OB appointment next week on Monday, which should also include an u/s. I know, I know, I haven't been released from the RE yet. It is a long story. The short version is that we have to do the appointment now, in order to get the first trimester screening scheduled within the time window of the test.

On to the subject of this post. The other day, my sister was asking about all of the meds I do in one day and I remembered that I intended to do a post about it. I think they kind of get pushed to the back burner because of all of the excitement over Betas and ultrasounds. But don't you worry, I am still on them and counting down the weeks until I will be free from the sore, lumpy booty and alarms to remind me to take my meds.

This is the whole day's worth at a glance.
This is the morning bunch: Endometrin vaginal suppository on top, pills from left to right- estrace, pre-natal multivitamin, folate, DHA, multi-vitamin

Midday group: Endometrin vag pez (per DH), pre-natal vitamin, estrace

The bedtime crew: pre-natal vitamin, estrace, baby aspirin, vag pez, progesterone IM injection (1.5cc), delestrogen IM injection (.1cc every third day)

Most of it is just a minor annoyance/ no biggie, but I have to take one moment to complain that the injections are getting old. My poor booty is sore and lumpy and I can't wait until Dr. K sets me free. End complaining:o) I remind myself daily how much good it is all doing for this very special baby and that is what gets me through.

I am also thankful that so far this pregnancy is very similar to my first pregnancy. My symptoms are pretty minor. Sore breasts, mild fatigue, nausea when I am hungry and heartburn. We will be 8 weeks on Saturday!!!:oD Next week is going to be a busy week with 2 doctor's appointments and leaving for vacation for a week and a half (and my baby sister is scheduled to give birth to her second child on Sunday, the 7th:o)). Hopefully when we get back, I will have my last appointment for Dr. K and he will set me free. After that, I hope to start doing a pregnancy update post every other week.

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  1. I have no idea how you ladies can handle all of those meds. It's amazing what you go through, truly admirable.