Friday, September 7, 2012

POAS Chronicles!

We are cautiously optimistic, as we anounce that we are pregnant!!!!

This POAS can be a little nerve wrecking. I got the first super faint positive on Tuesday and it has gotten pregressively darker since then (with the exception of yesterday, which was only a smidge darker, if at all). 4 tests under our belts and the guys feel like it is safe to share here:o)

We have a few more milestones to hit before I will feel like I can sit back and enjoy the ride. The next milestone is Beta hCG, which will be Monday and Wednesday. Monday's number is important, but Wednesday's is the bigger one because they want to see the doubling time. The want it to double within 48-72 hours. In the meantime, I will keep POAS!

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