Tuesday, August 28, 2012


We waited and waited for the call this morning to see if the transfer would be today or Thursday. Finally, about 9:30, the nurse called and said that it was decided to move forward with transfer today. All 4 embies were still looking good and good quality, but they wanted them to stay that way. We got on the road for the one hour trip to Pasadena. Let me just say that HOV lanes are my best friend! Even at 10 am, the traffic was yucky part of the way.

We got there about 10:30 with our appointment scheduled for 11. We sat in the lobby for just a few minutes before they called us back to the procedure room where I got to sit, half-naked, on a thinly padded metal table for an hour! T, R and Dr. K came in, hugs all around and we got down to business. I got pics of the embies:

R's embies
T's embies
 They transferred one embie from each guy to my "beautiful uterus" and then I laid there for an hour, which was interrupted in the middle by everyone insisting I empty my bladder (I wasn't uncomfortable, but I went:o)) It was nice to have the three men there to keep me company and it has been awesome to get to know these guys a little better. I feel lucky to be working with such wonderful guys who genuinely care about me and are so excited about this big step in their lives. One of the many funny moments was the looks on their faces as the nurse said to keep all meds the same and proceeded to list each one and its frequency:o) Yeah, it is a lot, but I am getting in a routine with it all and it isn't so bad.
Sorry it is upside down, but you get the idea. My uterus is in the upper left quadrant and the 2 little white lines are the embies:o)

Side note, we have 2 PIO injections under our belt:o) The actual injection is better than the Delestrogen, but it is a much larger amount and has left my booty a little sore. Tonight will be the first one on a sore side, so should be interesting.

Since we are on a roll of dates, today is my other aunt's 41st wedding anniversary (she also struggled with infertility, never tried IVF, but did eventually get pregnant).
And our first Beta test is scheduled for September 10th, which is DH's birthday (though I will be POAS before that).

I spent the rest of today on the couch and will be doing the same tomorrow. Think sticky thoughts for us and soon we will know that 2 little babies are growing in my tummy:o)


  1. So exciting!!! Good luck and I am sending tons of sticky thoughts your way :)

  2. GOOD LUCK!!! Sticky thoughts!