Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This is getting REAL!

A few things have happened in the past week. I finished the Letter to IPs. I had to go get a Glucose Tolerance Test because my BMI is over 30. It was a fasting 2 hour and the 2 I did during my pregnancy were 1 hr, no fasting. Luckily, the lab was a pretty busy place and there were some interesting people to talk to.
Saturday, I went to a GG Meet and Greet. There were a few surrogates in different stages of their journeys and the psychologist from GG (Dr. Kim Bergman). It was really nice to have the time to sit with the women and pick their brains about what they have been through and what advice they have. Since Dr. Bergman will be doing the psych part of my screening, it was awesome to be able to sit and chat with her in this casual setting. It made me feel a lot less nervous about the screening:o)
Monday, I got the results of my GTT, which I passed, YAY!
Then, we scheduled my screening! David and I will fly to LA on April 9th. That is 2 weeks from yesterday! I pretty much got to pick the day within that week, so the 9th is pretty perfect for us:o) My mom will be off work from one of her jobs, which makes me feel a little better, since she will be watching Little Miss Haley for the day. It will be a long day. We will leave super early in the morning and get back pretty late. I don't know the exact times yet because we are still waiting for the insurance pre-authorization before they will schedule the flights. I do know that the psych part will be 10 am and the appt with the RE will be at 1:30 pm.YAY!

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