Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Psych Eval Pt. 1

Sooooo. . . I talked to Dr. Bergman and she is going to be flying in from her vacation the morning of our screening and getting to the office on time will be tight in the best of circumstances. Since we already met this past weekend, she wanted to do the interview part either today or Friday via Skype, so that if she doesn't make it, the formal part will be done. David had just gotten home from work and I had just put Haley down for a nap, so we hopped on Skype and did the interview with the psychologist. It actually worked out perfectly because my hubby has a tendency to waaaaayyy over-think things. Anytime he has a meeting of any kind, he spends hours or days beforehand thinking of every possible question he might be asked and how he should answer it, so this arrangement avoided that:o) We found out that David is atypical, which he is pretty proud of. Overall, I think it went pretty well. When we go to LA for the screening, we will still go to the GG office to meet the staff and chat with the COO and do the fun computer test.

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